Rainy Days

It’s been raining almost non stop for like four days now and it’s really making my tired and sluggish. After a busy work week and shopping with my mum and sister (she was hunting for some new clothes to accommodate her little baby bump that’s just starting to show), and visiting my Gramma for her birthday, I was pretty tcukered out upon arrival home on Saturday night.

The hubby and I woke early ish today to drive 15min to the next town to check out their church. We’ve been to the church in our town, but it isn’t quite our style. This new church (new to us) is quite lovely and much more our style. 

We got home before noon and had some lunch and just kinda lazed about. I have been watching the food network on YouTube — they’ve got some Halloween food wars on their channel and it’s quite amazing to watch. Now that it is October, I can really let loose my love of the dark and spooky goodies that pop up in the fall.  We are going to decorate a little bit, but hold off until after thanksgiving for the really intense decorating to begin.

To get myself moving a bit today, I decided a little baking was in order. Those pumpkin spice bran muffins of last week were quite the hit! I had been letting my bananas ripen up all week and they were just perfect for banana bread… Only I love the portability of muffins, so I made chocolate chip (obv) banyan bran muffins following a great recipe on Pinterest! *link at the bottom*

I took some pictures (below) and have to say they turned out great. I doubled the batch and also subbed maple syrup for the honey.

Muffin recipe!
Until next time//Happy Haunting



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