Getting back into things

I have officially finished editing all of my photos from my sisters wedding! I will be uploading some here soon with a little blurb about how the whole day went.

 As of right now, I’ve not been feeling as swell as I’d like – lots of digestion issues. So to help myself feel better, the hubby and I went on an hour long walk at the local conservation area yesterday. 

We saw some cottages and trailers in the camping area and many dogs too (which brightened my spirits). Down by the lake there were some fun footprints in the went sand:

I’m thinking its a raccoon or something.

On our way back home, we stopped at the recycling to pick up some firewood and another stop at the grocery store for dinner things. I nabbed some bran, pumpkin purée, and whole wheat flour for baking too. Unfortunately the rest of my day wasn’t to be used for anything but lazing on the couch being in stupid amounts of pain. Luckily this morning I was feeling a touch better and managed to eat breakfast and a snack. I finished editing all of the photos during breakfast and uploaded the video files to begin to edit those too. 

Noon rolled around and our neighbour needed to borrow our immersion blender for his butternut squash soup. This prompted the hubby and I to head to the kitchen and tidy up a bit before I could start my baking adventure. I found this awesome recipe on Pinterest for Pumpkin Spice Bran Muffins (I’ll link below!) and immediately got to work doubling the batch. I used brown sugar instead of regular granulated sugar (just because I didn’t have white sugar) and gasp! Olive oil instead of canola because I didn’t want to melt down coconut oil and have it go all chunky when it hit the cold eggs. Worked out well enough and now I’m the happy owner of 24  20 P-S Bran Muffins. Our neighbour brought back the blender and a mug of fresh soup so we handed over 4 fresh from the oven muffins for him and his family.

I think shortly I will head out back to mow the lawn and hill . Maybe after that I’ll investigate some chilli recipes for the crock pot.

Keep checking back for photos and video from my sister’s  amazing wedding. And hopefully some more baking/ cooking adventures.


Awesome Pumpkin Spice Bran Muffins <– find the recipe here!


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