The Beat Goes On!

Hey there darlings,

Just a quick update on the excitement of the last few days. On Tuesday evening the hubby, Kendra, & I had a fantastic run. We really pushed it and went further without stopping than we had done in a while. Kendra and I were super thrilled about that. I’m sure it was partly because the weather had cooled off quite a bit, so it was a lot easier to breathe. 

Late on Tuesday night we drove off to Toronto to spend the night at the in laws. We got there stupid late (almost 1am) and were awake at 730am on Wednesday to drive into the city proper for my day of appointments. Thankfully, even with the morning traffic, we made good time and I had my first ECG just in time to register for Echo up on the third floor. 

After echo we had lunch at Druxy’s – it’s been tradition since my first trip to Toronto General. Yummy corned beef on rye with mustard and a pickle. We went back upstairs to meet with my electrophysiology doc to catch up with him since having my pacemaker put in back in May. He was happy to hear about how well I’m feeling and that I’m back to my regular activities considering the complications I had post surgery.

Once we finished our morning appointments, we had just under two hours to walk down to Queen st West to the store that I get my hair dye at. We hoofed it down there quick fast and boy was I pooped! But we made excellent time which meant that I could do a few stops on the way back. One stop was to a patisserie for some traditional French macarons…

salted caramel, 2x earl grey, 2x lemon poppyseed, chai latté

The patisserie kindly refilled my water bottle with nice chilly water for our stroll back to the hospital. We also stopped at the NYX store on Queen St W so I could pick up the matte liquid lipstick (“softspoken”) that I plan on wearing at my sisters wedding.

After our adventures outside of the hospital, we trudged up to the fifth floor for my ECG and consult/ follow up with my cardiologist. It’s always a treat catching up as I only see her once per year. Pretty much everything checks out in comparison to last years echo and egg, minus the addition of some wires, so that’s pretty awesome. I really can’t complain.

Once we were all finished with appointments we grabbed some Starbucks for the road and made the long trip back home during rush hour. Normally it would take us an hour and forty five minutes to get home, but with the traffic it was more like three to four hours. Apparently I fell asleep for a hour.

Last night was my sisters wedding rehearsal. It went very well and the dinner after was delicious. I didn’t take too many photos, but the few I did take I plan on editing when I edit photos from the big day…which is tomorrow!

Until then,



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