This last week has been quite the adventure – very busy, but with all great lovely things. I was eager to begin the work week to really get the ball rolling because I had my first week-day off since coming back from ‘modified duty’ post surgery. Needless to say (but i’m obviously saying it anyways) I was PUMPED for my day off.

…but I had to get there first…

Monday through to Wednesday at work was insanely busy. Like… get lunch break an hour late or get a short lunch; scarf down some food and dive back in praying you’ll last another 3 hours. I did. I wasn’t thrilled about it – but hey, I got lunch (eventually) and I made it to the gym both Monday and Tuesday.

Our friend is on vacation and chilling with her hubby and step-kiddos for the week before they head back to school so we didn’t get together on Tuesday for a run. Instead I fit in another gym day: the evening yoga class while hubby tagged along to do a treadmill run and some weights (and some massage chair).

Tuesday evening was pretty crap in terms of how I was feeling – my stomach issues have been flaring up again so I spent the post-yoga evening in bed with ginger tea and the heating pad on my tummy. Rest assured I’m feeling better now! I cut out a lot of dairy and that seems to have helped quite a bit.

I did nothing on Wednesday. Came right home from work, crocheted and relaxed.
It was stellar.

Thursday was a VERY important day. It was my ‘Friday’ from work and it was also my dad’s BIRTHDAY!!! I decided to drive to my parents’ house after work (the opposite direction of my home) to visit with my dad and wish him a happy day. I spent about 4 hours at home relaxing and chatting with mum and dad. My brother was home too, so we got to chat about his upcoming nursing placement (conveniently where I work, so I’ll get to go visit him a bit).

I filled up my gas tank and grabbed a chai-tea latte (with coconut milk) for the 90min drive home. Our friends from Massachusetts arrived just before I got home. They’re up for a week or two visiting friends and family and we offered up our guest room for a night while they were visiting in our neck of the woods.

Finally. We made it to the elusive FRIDAY!! After enjoying breakfast and chattier with our visitors, I packed up my camera and my water bottle and headed out to meet my darling friend Liane! I hadn’t seen her since her wedding back at the late end of July and I was dying to catch up with her. She’s now about 14 or 15 weeks along in her second pregnancy and I couldn’t wait to hear how things were going.

We met at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory with her 18 month (??) old daughter in tow. I had only visited the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls before, so it was nice to experience a different venue. They had a small exhibition of photos by Roberta Bondar which were AMAZING – I enjoying looking through them while I waited for my friend to arrive.

I’m going to stop rambling now and just say this: scroll on down to see some photos from our adventure and even a little video I put together!

Until next time ❤


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