Wedding bells are getting louder!

There are officially only 26 days until my big sister’s wedding and I couldn’t be more pumped! Last weekend she drove to our house (90min drive) and then the two of us drove another hour to the city where I work to meet our mum for some shopping. Both mum and I needed dresses for the big day and we were on the hunt. 

Mum found a lovely dark blue dress from “Melanie Lynn” after some searching at a few other stores. It has a chiffon ‘cape’ overtop and som pretty beading running up from the hem. I found a gorgeous eggplant purple dress from “Le Chateau.” It had three quarter length sleeves, a hem that hits around the knee, and it’s all lace. I just love it!

We made some other stops on our shopping adventure: Lush to scope out the soaps and bath bombs; Sephora to look at makeup for the big day; and the freshly squeezed shop for some pina colada smoothies (I added frozen yogurt to mine). After some more walking around we went out for dinner – just the girls. It was a perfect day and it was so sad to part ways and drive away from mum. I was lucky to be driving with my sister, it was much less lonely. 

catching up while mum tries on dresses.
becca & mum enjoying their bevvies
capturing the conversation… and the fun!

That night we had a brief visit with our friends Kendra & Rob to gift Kendra with her birthday bath bomb. Then we left for the big city (luckily I wasn’t the driver for this trip). We celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday on Sunday with church, dinner out, and tea with cakes after. The hubby and I got back a bit later than planned, but it was for a good cause. 

Another busy week ahead: working all week, running tomorrow night, going to a glow night on Wednesday, yoga on Thursday, and planning on surprising my Gramma with a visit after work on Friday. I know it’s gonna fly by and then we will be that much closer to my sister’s wedding!

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