Miraculous Treats

It’s Sunday evening and I’m just taking a break from being productive. Last Thursday was DQ’s Miracle Treat day and it was delicious. The work day was usual, nothing exciting there, and my evening was relatively relaxed: came right home from work to have dinner with the hubby, then we went over to the gym. Thursday is yoga night for me; one hour of epic flexing & strengthening time. The current flow release is really wonderful and gets my heart rate going. 

After my one hour class, the hubby and I high-tailed it downtown to Dairy Queen. I hmmed & hahhed about which flavour to get for my blizzard: do I go tried and true with a Georgia mud fudge or do I break outta the comfort zone and nab a s’more blizzard? I went for s’more only with pecans instead of peanuts. They really loaded it with marshmallow and pecans and I was in HEAVEN. I’m proud to note that I finished the whole thing, a size medium no less!

The rest of our evening was pretty relaxed, probably because of the ice cream overload. Look out below for a few photos:

my amazing smore blizzard

we saw “woodstock spiderman” at DQ
workout buddies. was reppin big squats that day!



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