Rather brief update today: we’ve been watching the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the evenings. It’s very intense! I’ve been yelling loudly at the television (because they can hear me, obviously). 

It’s Wednesday which means it’s my night off from the gym/fitness. On Monday I trained my back and did some HIIT sprints. My workout included:

  • Bent over row (40lb bar)
  • Seated row (~35lbs?)
  • Lat pull downs
  • Shoulder pulls (to try to hit my rhomboids)
  • Cable machine with 7.5lbs on each cable to do overhead pulls (to hour the lats)
  • 6min sprints (30:45s splits)

On Tuesday, even though our friend is away at a conference, we went for a run. It included hills  (& therefore walking). I was having a hard time of it, so we walked home (up two big hills & a small hill). So with all that goodness, I was very happy to take tonight off. 

I was clever when I got home too – made my lunches for the last two work days of the week. Just a simple greek salad and some yogurt with coconut granola. If im on the ball, ill try to grab something to snack on during the morning hours. 

Tomorrow is a special day too. Not only is it my yoga night (something I look forward too each week),  but it’s also Miracle Treat Day! This means that money from every blizzard sold at Dairy Queen is donated to the Children’s Miracle Network ♡ the hubby & his coworkers order blizzards early (about a month in advance) and have them delivered to work. I will have mine as a post yoga & dinner treat. The hubby will have a second… no idea where he puts it all! 

Hopefully I’ll remember to take my camera with me and snap a few photos of our Miraculous treats. Until then, 



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