Bridal Shower for Becca

Well folks, I did it. I survived the back-to-back-to-back (to back to back!) weekends of wedding adventures!! From weddings for friends, to bridal showers and a bachelorette party for my sister, I’ve come out the other side. Somewhat exhausted and not –really– looking forward to a crazy full work week, but we’re back to sorts soon enough and only about six weeks to go until my big sister’s big day!

This past weekend was jam-packed for the hubby and I:

  • We bought advanced tickets to see Suicide Squad on Friday evening after dinner
  • Saturday we slept in HARDCORE (i’m talking like 12 hours of almost uninterrupted sleep)
  • The house had a brief tidy-up on Saturday just before my sister arrived with her boxer-pup (she’s not really a puppy, but whatever)
  • The hubby shaved my hair for me and carved in a new design before we left for the parent’s home
  • We (3 + dog) drove 90 minutes to my parent’s place to relax and go over the game plan for the shower

Our neighbour (aka “Rent-a-Mom”) came over to discuss plans too as she is great with helping our parties run smoothly. She’s always making sure we have what we need (tape, garbage bags, kleenex in case someone cries…etc!). Then, after some catching up, we decided to watch a movie…

This usually ends with Becca (big sister) heading to bed before the movie is finished, the hubby playing some sort of video game, and i’m usually crafting or reading. So really Mum watched the movie and we kinda chilled.

I am happy to announce (no spoilers) that I both started and finished “Harry Potter & the Cursed Child” on Saturday night. I had all these plans about reading it one act at a time. Ahaha nice try, eh? I started it. I could NOT put it down. It was AMAZING…surprising plot, twists I didn’t expect, and just magic magic MAGIC. Nostalgia!

And then I went to bed.

Sunday morning was a bit of a whirlwind. After tea and breakfast (toast with raspberry jam), we slowly got ourselves moving and getting ready for the shower. We were hosting the party at a local venue called “The Grimsby Pumphouse.” It was the location for my bridal shower, and i’m sure it will be a spot we come to use for many future parties. The Pumphouse is surrounded by lovely gardens, a gazebo, and a pier that heads out into the lake. The building itself is a great big place with doors that open to view on the lake, large windows, a little kitchenette (oven, sink, fridge), and lots of space to set up tables for guests, gifts, and good food.

We had tables set up with lovely cream coloured clothes for guests, a burgundy table set for my mum, sister, and I. We decorated with a tea inspired bunting (made by me!), teacups, sugar bowls, and a tea pot as centre pieces full of flowers (cream and burgundy). Mum sprinkled little hearts all over the tables and we even had serviettes with a teapot print! It was just PERFECT! I am SO pleased with how it all turned out. My big paper flowers were a hit too – I think I really knocked it out of the park. We had two games (word unscramble and ‘whats in your purse’) and we gave out body lotion & handmade soaps as prizes. If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you’ll remember the loose leaf tea I packaged up as favours. I think the guests were pleased with them. Luckily I made extras, so the hubby and I have some tea to enjoy ourselves.

My sister was a treat and looked absolutely stunning in her pretty green dress. We got her a fun “Bride-to-Be” tiara (and she wore it most of the shower too! Even after I put wrapping bows and ribbons on it). All in all it was a great day and I really think my sister had a wonderful time. I can’t thank everyone enough for helping out – it made things so fun! Below are some photos from today, hubby was on photo/video duty once most of the set up was complete, so he’ll have even more photos that i’ll post once they’re edited.

Stick around – there’s sure to be more fun crafts, adventures, and workouts in the future!


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