Home Again (aka I survived the bachelorette party wknd)

It’s Holiday Monday here where I am and boy am I glad! If you’ve been keeping up with the blog for the last little while, you know that I’ve been a busy beaver. Weddings, bridal showers, and most recently my sister’s bachelorette party have been keeping me on the move most days.

Friday at work was extremely busy, but it made the day go quickly. 4 o’clock and I was outta there heading to the grocery store to pickup supplies for a mimosa bar. I snagged grapefruit, cranberry, and orange juices + fizzy water for my sister’s pregnant friends (& champagne for anyone who wanted to drink). Then I made the LONG drive up north to the Blue Mountains.

I arrived around 7:30pm by taking the back roads the whole way (the highway was disastrous). We played cards against humanity, ate snacks, and played twister while we waited for the other girls to arrive. Friday night was relaxed and comfortable, spent at the chalet enjoying each others company.

On Saturday we had homemade waffles with fresh fruit for breakfast and got our swimsuits on to head to the beach. The bride to be wanted to make a stop for coffee so we headed to a convenience store and were surprised to see a coffee shop right next door. Figuring this to be a better option in terms of caffeinated bevvies, we walked over and ordered some drinks. A few of us sat outside at little bistro tables while we waited for the last of our group to grab their drinks and noticed a water activities rental place just in front of us. My sister had really wanted to try paddled boarding on this trip so we signed some waivers and rented 2 SUP boards for the group to play with for about two hours. It was a great!!

We all took turns trying our luck balancing on the somewhat choppy water and also spent time snacking and soaking up the sun. It was a perfect weather – not too humid, hot in the sun but with a gorgeous breeze coming off the lake. There were many coats of sunscreen happening this day because we had a spot on the beach that didn’t offer much in terms of shade.

Half the group decided to head back to the chalet (with a pit stop to grab some shampoo). We nibbled on some veggies with dill dip, bean salad, and a tortilla chip dip and took turns freshening up in the only shower in the whole chalet. It went smoother than expected. Dinner reservations were for 8pm in the village which was only maybe a 15min walk from where we were staying. Half of the group walked up to be there for 8, while the bride to be and the other half of the group took a bit longer to get ready. This was of course for a very good reason – as per tradition with some of the girls in the group when they participate in bachelorette parties, the bride to be gets dressed up in a themed costume for the night. Since my sister is marrying a pig farmer, she was dressed up as a piggy… Complete with light up udders/nips (faux tea lights under baby bottle tops.. now to be known as “teat lights”). It was awesome and she was such a good sport.

We enjoyed a great dinner and headed to the local hot spot for music and dancing. It was probably the latest I’ve stayed out in a LONG time, but it was fantastic and really fun. We slept a bit better after that night, and while most people had to leave early on Sunday, we got the whole chalet tidied up in record time. The last group consisted of myself, the bride to be (my sister), her two sisters-in-law to be, and her friend from high school. We strolled into the village for brunch and wanders – checked out the entertainment, the year round Christmas store, and ate delicious omelettes.

We called it a day after that as we all had nearly 3 hour drives home to tackle. I had a lonely and kinda rainy drive home through the back roads, but the scenery was gorgeous and I stopped for a half hot cocoa half coffee at Tim Hortons. I brought the crap weather home with me though – both the hubby and I had pounding headaches thanks to the abrupt pressure changes that come with an incoming storm. Many snuggles were had and an awesome dinner too.

Today has been mildly productive: laundry is all put away, I’ve pulled weeds from the front lawn, and the hubby has tidied the garage. We had this simple snack for late lunch:img_0740


And the little punch of photos below is the concoction I enjoyed for breakfast today: plain greek yogurt with stevia and a drizzle of brown rice syrup to sweeten. Topped with a spritz of vanilla extract, ground flax seeds, chia seeds, oats and hemp hearts.. and fruits! Banana, cherries, and some blueberries too. I decided to omit the nuts (that you see in the photo below), but had them with my lunch snack (above!).

I’m now relaxing in the office with a cuppa green tea and a load of photos and video clips to edit. Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome videos in the near future !!

(near is a relative term). Next big to do: home to the parent’s place next weekend with the hubby and big sister to celebrate the LAST party before the wedding… her Bridal Shower!! Super pumped to put all my crafting to good use!



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