Time Well Spent

This past weekend was magnificent I terms of time spent with family and friends. My hubby returned late Thursday night from his adventure toMassachusetts  where he was sight seeing and visiting a good friend. He toured Salem, took a train into Boston, and even put his feet into the Atlantic Ocean! I find this amazing because the last time I touched the ocean I was 4 years old…that was nearly 26 years ago. 

I am such a lucky lady to have this adventure-prone hubby because he will go into random places if I request him too. This came in handy on his trip because I wanted to try a new concealer that Sephora in Canada doesn’t carry (Tarte Shape Tape Concealer). He happily picked up a tube each for my sister and I and I’m very pumped to try it for her wedding … Which is in 19 days!!!

On Friday we drove into the city together and I toddled into work while he went on more adventures: waterfalls, lunch breaks, etc to pass the time until my shift was done. After work we made the hour ish drive to surprise my Gramma with a visit. My mum was also going to see her and my brother decided to tag along. I wasn’t aware that they were taking her out for dinner or anything, so the hubby and I arrived and no one was home. We went on in and made ourselves comfy. When mum, gramma, and my brother arrived, the conversation took off and we chatted and visited well into the nighttime hours. At about 10pm we called it a night and made the long drive back home catching some unfortunate construction en route. I was lucky enough to be passenger and I think I fell asleep half way home.

On Saturday I woke with an awful stomach ache (an unknown issue I’ve developed in the past 2 yrs with no apparent cause other than food intolerances), so I rested with the heating pad until things improved enough to be productive. The hubby and I made a trip into town for mints at the bulk barn (to help soothe my tummy) & to the grocery store for supplies to make a kickass potato salad. The hubby really impressed me by making his own mayonnaise for the salad & hot damn it tasted great. We toddled 15min over to the next town to celebrate our friend’s birthday (the friend we run with). They hosted a sizeable group complete with two babies, parents, and a whole lotta friends. We enjoyed a lovely delicious BBQ, different sides, and a cherry bomb cake with cream cheese icing.

Many zzzles were had that night. Sunday was a mostly lazy day minus meal prep and mowing. The backyard (hill included). But once that was done I started a new crochet blanket and ate dinner. After dinner the hubby suggested a walk to help digest in the hopes of my stomach being more friendly. It was a great idea because we saw a Great Dane on our walk. I got to snuggle her a bunch… Her name was Stella and she was awesome. Post walk, we caught up with the neighbours over tea and fudge before calling it a night and an end to the weekend.

This coming weekend is a long weekend for us (extra for me) because of Labour Day Monday… The true end of summer because the day after Labour Day is “Back to School” for anyone still enrolled. My little brother will be beginning his final year of nursing – the time has flown, though I’m sure he would disagree.

Check out some snapshots of the weekend below. 

Until next time,


gramma moving too quick for my camera
kendra with her very interesting gift bag
Meester Miao being himself.
… there are no words.

You Glow Girl

Last week I was invited by an acquaintance from the gym to a ladies only “Glow Night.” I won’t lie, I was a bit apprehensive because I really only sorta knew the woman inviting me, but wouldn’t know anyone else there. Situations like that kinda make me nervous and usually prevent me from adventuring out of my shell. 

After getting a bit more information about what exactly a glow night entailed, and seeing that it was on a Wednesday (my usual night off from the gym) I decided it could be a fun night out. Add to that the fact that the hubby is in Boston, MA until late tomorrow and I was due for some time with fun loving ladies.

After a long day at work, I decided to squeeze in an upper body (mostly back) workout at the gym. I worked my lats, triceps, delta, and upper/middle traps. Did a brief power walk after that to grab some extra steps (yay over 10k) and headed home for dinner. I nibbled some yummy leftovers, unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher, and threw in a load of laundry before heading to the glowy session.

There were 7 ladies in total all with yoga mats and most of us brought pillows too. We were gifted with little mason jars of water, a citrine crystal, and a tea light for the evening and we got to keep the crystal. The session began with some meditation, then an ice breaker or two to get the conversation flowing. After opening we took time to enjoy tiny snacks (an almond, a mint leaf, and a segment of orange). This was to help us understand and realize the nuances of the foods we were tasting. 

We then set up for some painting. We had small 8×10 canvases and got to selected a few tubes of acrylic paint. Our goal was to create a sort of abstract piece that represented the journey our lives had taken up to that point. I selected a lovely metallic purple lavender paired with an oliv green and a hint of gold. As my painting progressed I decided to add a few splashes of orange and some darker burgundy to give it s bit more contrast. Looking at it now it reminds me of a flower with many leafy tendrils – and I guess that kinda makes sense: of the many paths we try in life, eventually our story blooms into something magical.

I am eager to hear what the next glow night will involve. It was mentioned there could be a makeup night, a song and dance night. I suggested a bonfire and/or picnic… So maybe that will happen in the future.

I will keep ya posted, until then…

Night night!


Wedding bells are getting louder!

There are officially only 26 days until my big sister’s wedding and I couldn’t be more pumped! Last weekend she drove to our house (90min drive) and then the two of us drove another hour to the city where I work to meet our mum for some shopping. Both mum and I needed dresses for the big day and we were on the hunt. 

Mum found a lovely dark blue dress from “Melanie Lynn” after some searching at a few other stores. It has a chiffon ‘cape’ overtop and som pretty beading running up from the hem. I found a gorgeous eggplant purple dress from “Le Chateau.” It had three quarter length sleeves, a hem that hits around the knee, and it’s all lace. I just love it!

We made some other stops on our shopping adventure: Lush to scope out the soaps and bath bombs; Sephora to look at makeup for the big day; and the freshly squeezed shop for some pina colada smoothies (I added frozen yogurt to mine). After some more walking around we went out for dinner – just the girls. It was a perfect day and it was so sad to part ways and drive away from mum. I was lucky to be driving with my sister, it was much less lonely. 

catching up while mum tries on dresses.
becca & mum enjoying their bevvies
capturing the conversation… and the fun!

That night we had a brief visit with our friends Kendra & Rob to gift Kendra with her birthday bath bomb. Then we left for the big city (luckily I wasn’t the driver for this trip). We celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday on Sunday with church, dinner out, and tea with cakes after. The hubby and I got back a bit later than planned, but it was for a good cause. 

Another busy week ahead: working all week, running tomorrow night, going to a glow night on Wednesday, yoga on Thursday, and planning on surprising my Gramma with a visit after work on Friday. I know it’s gonna fly by and then we will be that much closer to my sister’s wedding!

Until next time,


We all scream…

For ice cream! I had the brilliant idea of having ice cream as an after dinner treat today.

The hubby and I had some salad, broccoli,  & bbq’d burgers for dinner with tomato from the garden. After some relaxation & digesting we walked 30 minutes up to the ice cream parlor. It was still quite muggy outside, but the breeze helped cool us down a bit. 

I had a scoop each of cherry ice cream & chocolate fudge brownie in a bowl. The hubby had a waffle cone with the fudge ice cream too and a scoop of CHOCOLATE – PB ice cream. We began the slower walk home after finishing our treats. My stomach is definitely not a big fan of my brain right now for its “awful” idea. ..but I have zero regrets. Got in a great cardio workout without even really thinking about it & had a lovely evening with my love. 

Catching hubby off guard

Until next time! 


Prepping Snackies

I am happy to write that I was CRAZY productive on Sunday afternoon. I managed to make lunches for each workday this week. That’s five lunches !! The hubby set up my camera atop the fridge and I recorded the whole thing – it cut out twice. Once midway through and again towards the end, but I still managed to get some fun footage.

I’m going to have to see if it’s just a setting that needs to be changed to allow me to film for more than 20min at a time. That way I will be prepared for my sister’s wedding. 

In the video below I’ve put together a salad; a bag of pecan and walnut pieces with some coconut cluster granola; and a chia seed pudding. The chia seed pudding is made up of coconut and almond milk, a tbsp of chia seeds, a bit of stevia for sweetness, some oats, hemp hearts, and about half a capful of pure vanilla extract. I think that’s it. Give it a little shake or store to mix it all together and pop them in the fridge. The chia seeds absorb a lot of liquid and kind of gel up so you end up with a tapioca-textured pudding. If you’re feeling extra decadent, you could use a can of full fat coconut milk and add some maple syrup.  *full fat coconut milk is also great for really creamy rice pudding* 

Anywhoo, enjoy the little video below!


Ps: yes I have Saran Wrap on my head – my pink & green hair dye was soaking in.

Miraculous Treats

It’s Sunday evening and I’m just taking a break from being productive. Last Thursday was DQ’s Miracle Treat day and it was delicious. The work day was usual, nothing exciting there, and my evening was relatively relaxed: came right home from work to have dinner with the hubby, then we went over to the gym. Thursday is yoga night for me; one hour of epic flexing & strengthening time. The current flow release is really wonderful and gets my heart rate going. 

After my one hour class, the hubby and I high-tailed it downtown to Dairy Queen. I hmmed & hahhed about which flavour to get for my blizzard: do I go tried and true with a Georgia mud fudge or do I break outta the comfort zone and nab a s’more blizzard? I went for s’more only with pecans instead of peanuts. They really loaded it with marshmallow and pecans and I was in HEAVEN. I’m proud to note that I finished the whole thing, a size medium no less!

The rest of our evening was pretty relaxed, probably because of the ice cream overload. Look out below for a few photos:

my amazing smore blizzard

we saw “woodstock spiderman” at DQ
workout buddies. was reppin big squats that day!



Rather brief update today: we’ve been watching the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the evenings. It’s very intense! I’ve been yelling loudly at the television (because they can hear me, obviously). 

It’s Wednesday which means it’s my night off from the gym/fitness. On Monday I trained my back and did some HIIT sprints. My workout included:

  • Bent over row (40lb bar)
  • Seated row (~35lbs?)
  • Lat pull downs
  • Shoulder pulls (to try to hit my rhomboids)
  • Cable machine with 7.5lbs on each cable to do overhead pulls (to hour the lats)
  • 6min sprints (30:45s splits)

On Tuesday, even though our friend is away at a conference, we went for a run. It included hills  (& therefore walking). I was having a hard time of it, so we walked home (up two big hills & a small hill). So with all that goodness, I was very happy to take tonight off. 

I was clever when I got home too – made my lunches for the last two work days of the week. Just a simple greek salad and some yogurt with coconut granola. If im on the ball, ill try to grab something to snack on during the morning hours. 

Tomorrow is a special day too. Not only is it my yoga night (something I look forward too each week),  but it’s also Miracle Treat Day! This means that money from every blizzard sold at Dairy Queen is donated to the Children’s Miracle Network ♡ the hubby & his coworkers order blizzards early (about a month in advance) and have them delivered to work. I will have mine as a post yoga & dinner treat. The hubby will have a second… no idea where he puts it all! 

Hopefully I’ll remember to take my camera with me and snap a few photos of our Miraculous treats. Until then, 


Bridal Shower for Becca

Well folks, I did it. I survived the back-to-back-to-back (to back to back!) weekends of wedding adventures!! From weddings for friends, to bridal showers and a bachelorette party for my sister, I’ve come out the other side. Somewhat exhausted and not –really– looking forward to a crazy full work week, but we’re back to sorts soon enough and only about six weeks to go until my big sister’s big day!

Continue reading Bridal Shower for Becca

A Celebration of Love

Hello Again darlings! Two posts in two days, I must be doing something right, eh?

This is going to be very light on words, but heavy on emotion and romance. I am happy to say that i’ve finished editing the video clips from the wedding my hubby and I attended two weekends ago. You can check out this post here to see a few photos that I took during the event. Otherwise, if you’re feeling ALL the feels, take a look-see at the video I created for my two amazing friends…


Hope you two darlings LOVE it — I sure enjoyed editing the footage. I really hope it helps you to remember all the magic that went into your big day. Thank you SO much for including us!!!


*Coming up soon: Another Bridal Shower!

Home Again (aka I survived the bachelorette party wknd)

It’s Holiday Monday here where I am and boy am I glad! If you’ve been keeping up with the blog for the last little while, you know that I’ve been a busy beaver. Weddings, bridal showers, and most recently my sister’s bachelorette party have been keeping me on the move most days. Continue reading Home Again (aka I survived the bachelorette party wknd)