Feeling all the feels.

Sometimes life can get ridiculously overwhelming. Like hella crazy where you don’t even think there’s time to catch your thoughts before they’re running all mad like again. Right now my life feels a LOT like that.

Blogging is a great outlet for all of those thoughts that get swirled around inside our heads when we’re overwhelmed and losing it a little bit. Today’s post will be an expression of thoughts – a way for my to purge my mind of a little too much turmoil.

Last weekend the hubby and I had the absolute joy of travelling to celebrate the union of two wonderful friends. The wedding was only about an hour away, being held at Rockwood Conservation area in Guelph, Ontario. It was a very small wedding and ceremony held at the ruins within the forested grounds. Luckily the weather co-operated and though it was crazy spicy outside (nearly feeling like 40 with the humidity), the breeze was lovely and the entire ceremony was magical.

Afterwards, the hubby and I had a snack break at Starbucks (because there was about 1.5 hrs between ceremony and reception), followed by a detour to Shopper’s to grab some backup eyeliner (yep), and on to the reception site. Snacks and punch awaited the guests before we were allowed into the reception room.

Once the wedding party arrived, there were just 3 speeches and dinner was served. I would like to happily point out that I ate everything on my plate (this never happens at weddings bc theres always so much food). We took tons of photos – I’ll include some below! I’m all finished editing mine and I think the hubby is working his way through the latter half of his. I will hopefully have some time in the coming evenings (maybe next week or so) to work on putting together a mini video for them too.


Sunday had me making a two hour drive in the other direction to attend my sister’s first bridal shower out in Grand Bend. It was a “BBQ themed” function and was super fun. All of her friends and her in-laws-to-be are just stellar amazing. I didn’t take too many photos because I was helping her out with documenting who gifts were from, but all in all it was a lovely event.

Back to work this week and hopefully back to fitness too. Monday was a very needed day off because of how busy our weekend had been. Today I was supposed to run, but our running buddy had to reschedule. SO I rode my little cruiser bike over to the gym to attend the evening’s yoga class… then I rode/walked my bike home (its a LOT of uphill on the way back & my legs were a bit jello-y from the class).

I’ve closed out my day with a shower, dinner, and now tea/blogging with my love near by. We’ve received a lot of crazy news over the last few days and i’m feeling VERY overwhelmed by it all. Tonights impromptu bike ride and hour of flow was INSANELY appreciated by my jumbled mind. For the length of time it took my to ride to the gym/do the class/ride home – my mind was completely satisfied with just BEING. I can’t begin to express how perfect that feeling is. I am trying crazy-hard to accept the things I can’t change… to just enjoy the magical moments each day has to offer… and to be happy for others who are experiencing their own bits of magic too. The greatest things come to those who wait – and everything happens for a reason. I know that amazing things await me in the future … I just need to breathe.

Breathe and all is coming.

That is it for now — scroll on down for some photos from the wedding we attended.


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