At the “Bar” (not the beverage kind)

This week has been pretty solid in terms of fitness. On Monday I was pleased as punch to complete a heavy round of leg work. I super-setted 95lbs squats with 50lbs split lunges doing three sets of eight (3×8) for the squats and three sets of ten per leg for the split lunges. After that I did a quick blast of 45lbs squat jumps, five each per leg of work on my hip adductors & abductors and ten donkey-kicks per leg too. 

Rounding out my workout was a very wobbly legged attempt at HIIT sprints. Normally I’ll do like 7minutes with a 30s:60s split of sprint to brisk walk, but this time I only did 6 minutes with a slightly slower walk speed (keeping the sprints at 9mph). I was drenched by the time I was all done, but it felt great.

Tuesday we went for a power walk and I managed to log over 12,000 steps which was pretty sweet… Not gonna lie, not much else happened on Tuesday haha. As per previous posts about my workout schedule, Wednesday is usually my rest day and that’s pretty much what I did.

I was off on Thursday and treated myself to a “you are awesome” kinda day: morning yoga & upper body weighted workout, followed by a trip to the bike shop to get my gears properly adjusted on my cute cruiser bike. After that I went to go get my nails done and went back to the gym to visit with the RMT for a half hour massage… Bliss! Also ow, because my shoulders were hella tight.

Today was another leg day – all about that posterior chain. Deadlifts at 115lbs or so, good mornings win the 50lbs bar and more deadlifts with the cable machine to hit the muscles at different levels (if you change where you interact with the weight/ where you’re body is acting as a lever, you can alter where the load is heaviest along the motion of the activity)… Or something like that… If you’re interested in more weight lifting info, check out !! Such a great resource.

Tomorrow we are celebrating the wedding of two lovely friends !!! I’m so pumped to document all the fun and to get to dress up fancy with the hubby. Looking forward to sharing some photos here too. More big sister wedding adventures on Sunday (bridal shower #1 for the grooms side of the family because they live about 3 hrs away from our side)… That means even more photos! 

Looking forward to the fun, not so much to all of the driving.

Keep coming back for more workout updates, photos, and bridal fun!


Ps: ran last Saturday with the hubby and enjoyed an hour long yoga class on Sunday followed by a short n sweet shoulder blast and some sprints. 


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