When Crafts Attack

As you know, I’ve been trucking away on projects for my sister’s upcoming Bridal shower. We are having the party in early August and its going to be a ‘Garden Tea Party’ theme. In my last post I detailed how we can get super caught up in being BUSY – so I’m trying to take my time and really enjoy the process of crafting.

I perused Pinterest (click the link on the left to find me hiding over there) looking for some DIY paper flower instructions because I’ve only made tissue-paper flowers before. On a previous trip to visit with my Mum, I grabbed a good stack of her scrapbooking papers  to create some decorations for the shower. She has quite the collection and uses it for wrapping her decorative handmade soaps, but I planned on cutting it up into little petal shapes to make the flowers. I also created a cute little “tea-inspired” bunting to hang up with the flowers at the shower!

Scroll down to see how to make your own paper flowers!

diy flowers for blog


curl the petals

The shower is only a few weeks away and you know I’m going to have a good handful of photos to share from the big day ❤



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