Time Well Spent

Warning: NOT a short post today! haha is it ever??

Does anyone else feel like there is a push to do more/be more/have more?? That more often than not, we’re constantly pushing to accomplish more and more in less time? Quite frequently I feel like I have to give something up in order to take on a new adventure because there is just too much going on.

Since being allowed to workout (post-op) I have wanted nothing more than to have more time to dedicate to making my physical body better and stronger. It is very important to me to be able to prove to myself that I –can– [do this/that/the other]. Unfortunately I find it often comes at the cost of less time spent doing other things that are equally happy and important.

I find I assess my level of ‘awesomeness’ at the end of each week and too often I base it on how much fitness I fit in between Monday to Friday. I usually hit the gym Monday for legs; Tuesday is our running night (which lately, with the heat, has been a lot of walking/running); Wednesday I like to take off to recuperate. I used to go to yoga on Thursday nights and I definitely plan on starting back up this coming week as my strength is improving in my left arm. Friday is always a perfect night at the ‘bar’ because its less busy and I can usually get a squat rack without waiting around too long.

But you really can’t decide you’re terribly unproductive if you only went to the gym twice and ran once, that would be ridiculous (& yet I do this far too much!). There are so many other adventures that make up a well rounded existence. What I mean is: physical activity isn’t the only thing you can do with your non-work time. You need to spend time with your significant other, with your friends, with your animals … with just yourself. Your body is only one part of the equation. Obviously you want to treat it well so it will carry you through your life, but you have to think of your heart, soul, and brain too!

This past week I had the pleasure (I recognize it now!) to spend three different days with three different friends. It was AMAZING. I decided to go to the gym Monday and Wednesday with a running/walking night on Tuesday. On Thursday I stayed in the city way late after work to have fancy coffee bevvies from Starbucks with a good friend. We chatted about anything-everything-all things in between. From babies, to books, old friends and new, we talked and laughed and smiled for a good 4 hours. The time FLEW by and soon it was time to part ways until the next time I see her (and she’ll be walking down the aisle towards her hubby-to-be. Only one more week to go!!). One hour later I was home and eating a very late dinner with my hubby.

Friday after work I rushed home (more to do!) because we were having two very good friends over for BBQ dinner and fire pit relaxation time in the backyard. I started cleaning almost immediately after walking into the house – didn’t have time to finish everything and decided that was okay. We ate snacks (brie, crackers, red pepper jelly!) and then got the burgers on the ‘Q. Just talked and talked about everything because it had been a long while since the 4 of us were together. We ate desserts and lazed by the fire pit for a few hours. The day came to a close as midnight rolled around and the girls left.

8:30am – my alarm went off. I snoozed it until probably 9:10am. Had breakfast and got things together before making a 1 hr 15 min drive to meet another friend. We both drive to meet up in the middle because we live pretty far apart. She is doing really well sticking to her Vegan diet and so I brought a bag of cherries and a salad with lettuce from the garden. We picnic’d by the lake and chatted/caught up for a good hour or so. After playing on the swings like the adults we aren’t (haha), we drove into the city to this amazing bake shop!!

I have been twice before and I SWEAR these things are made of magic! All vegan, gluten free, preservative free, etc etc.. They’re free of EVERYTHING (as such they must be made from magic). My friend’s sister has a few food allergies, so the pastries at this shop are perfect for her because she doesn’t have to worry about any bad reactions. I am not vegan, or even vegetarian, but I do appreciate the care and dedication that goes into every item in this bakery.

They run a bit expensive, but if you buy 5 cupcakes they’ll give you a sixth for free. Who can say no to a deal like that? They do best in the freezer (NOT in the fridge because they’ll dry out) and only take an hour to defrost. I definitely bought 6 cupcakes and the hubby and I will each be enjoying one after dinner tonight (though I’ve been grazing all day so I probably won’t have a proper dinner).

After our stop at the bakery, we parted ways and I headed into the neighbouring city to run some errands. I made a stop at a camera store (only to find out they’re closing August 31st!) to drop off my DSLR to be cleaned. Luckily for me the sensor is fine, its just some dust under the screen – so only $25 and I can pick it up on Tuesday!

20160716_161228Just round the bend from the camera place is a lovely store called “CoCo Tea Co.” Meaning chocolate (CoCo) and Tea Company. You’re given a complimentary cup of tea while you’re browsing/smelling the teas. I enjoyed a small cup of a breakfast style tea and then bought two large bags each of “Buckingham Palace Garden Party” and “Dorian Grey”to put into mini mason jars for my sister’s bridal shower favours.


…And then I drove home

saw the hubby for 2 minutes before he left for singing

and here I am typing away!

After all of the excitement and adventuring of the last three days, I am VERY happy to take time for just me. I am going to do some crafting (more paper flowers!) and put together these jars of tea. Tomorrow I am going to go to yoga in the morning to really start my day off right…

I am eager to tell you that I feel like i’ve been quite productive too – its more than just going to the gym and taking care of the body you have. It was wonderful to catch up with great ladies and have time away from workouts and such to just –BE– … to enjoy and experience all of life’s other adventures.


ps: I wasn’t paid to talk about these two stores — I just had an awesome day and wanted to share it all here. ❤


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