Bucket List & all kinds of Frisson

It comes as no surprise just how much I LOVE photography and more recently videography. There is always a strong pull to document anything that brings joy and happiness to my life, and pictures are a perfect way to freeze those moments.

Last weekend I had the ABSOLUTE joy to experience two things that have been on my life’s to-do list (not another list!) for as long as I can recall. I am also happy to say that I was able to share this ridiculous amount of happiness with the man currently referred to as “The Hubby.” On Friday evening, post dinner and just relaxing on the couch, I noticed very curious clouds rolling in from the west (luckily our backyard points west so we get to see the weather roll in).

I went out back to take the lawn chairs into the “alley way” between our townhouse and our neighbours to make sure they’d be dry to take to the pig roast the next day (and of course I then forgot them – outta sight, outta mind!). It just felt interesting outside.. like when you KNOW a big storm is en route and you might want to batten down the hatches so to speak.

I said to the hubby “I’m just gonna head out front to take a peak at the sky” and upon opening the front door I suggested he might want to come have a look-see. The sky was FULL to bursting with dark-n-spooky ominous clouds. I decided to try to snapchat & instagram some (thank you video options) and then the hubby went and got his big guns (i.e.: his DSLR… no piddly cellphone camera for that man). **Of course then I had to go get mine too!**

The BIG moment came when I toddled off to the end of our street to get a better look at the interesting clouds moving west towards the east just north of us (was that confusing??). After exclaiming quite loudly that it was A SHELF CLOUD!!! (don’t you get it!??! a SHELF CLOUD!!! .. I really think i was the only person of the two of us that was ridiculously PUMPED to see this formation!!). Then I looked directly west and saw that what I thought was the storm front was really just the little bro to the MASSIVE SHELF CLOUD HEADING DIRECTLY TOWARDS US!!! Of course we stayed out as long as we could until it -felt- like it was too close (windy, cold, rain drops, etc) and so we made a mad dash back up to our house (half a block at most) and watched the rest from the front porch.

With my new found love of videography, I took some clips and put together a short movie!

And here are some of the awesome pictures I grabbed while the front passed through! Even made a killer panorama!

Panorama - shelf cloud

The second big moment of absolute magic was having the opportunity to photograph the night sky from the end of the lane way at my sister & brother-in-law’s farm. Late at night (hey there 1am) after the pig-roast / engagement party we were heading out to make the 1.5 hour drive back home and the hubby asked if I wouldn’t mind making a short stop at the end of the driveway to take some pics of the sky. I figured “whats a few more minutes” (it was a lot… i only drove about half way home before having to pull off the HWY and switch spots with the hubby)… BUT my GAWD was it worth it!!!

I sat in the car while the hubby got out and position his gorillapod (articulating tripod) on the roof of the car. After a few minutes I noticed another car coming up the lane way so we drove up a bit and moved to the side. After that I said “well… tripod or no, I want to try to take some photos too” and then I opened the moonroof (sunroof?) and was BLOWN AWAY BY THE MAGIC HAPPENING ABOVE MY HEAD. -omg- There are NO WORDS for the shear number of twinklies that the sky holds.

I saw the Milky Way Galaxy. I SAW THE MILKY WAY GALAXY.
And my life will never be the same.

The hubby put together a stunning panorama made up of a good number of shots, while I took about 4 (long exposure… bulb mode on the camera). Knowing that night sky pics require some post processing to really bring out all of the stars, I was cool with the darkness of the images showing up on my viewfinder.. because this is what I was left with:


Isn’t it just … pure magic? I think so. Gives me all the shivers and goosebumps (Frisson).

I cannot wait to go back to the farm (lower right corner in the bottom most photo) with my tripod (and bug spray!) to take more crisp images. These may be a touch shaky, but considering I didn’t have a tripod I am MORE than thrilled.

If you’re interested in photography and want to know where I learned different tips-n-tricks, leave a comment and I’ll write a post with a handful of great links.

Til next time, stay mellow 😉


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