Party Planning

Last week I had the pleasure of a day off and it was all sorts of productive. I had planned a trip home (only about a 1hour and 30minute drive) to hangout with my mum and hopefully sneak in a surprise visit to my Grammie who lives another 30min past my parents.

My husband also had some vacation time overlapping my day off and a big part of me wanted to just hangout with him at home all day BUT we both needed to have some productivity in our non-work lives.

The hubby had an appointment at the Optometrist, so I dropped him off and made my way towards the highway only to realize I had forgotten my wallet at home in my workbag/gym bag! Insert a quick detour to the home front for my monies and I was off. I had one other pitstop to make en route to my parents’ place – I recently resigned from my casual position and had to hand in my key and badge

As much as I am going to miss everyone, I’ll still be invited to work functions because i’m really friendly with the group. Im quite happy about this.

Made it to my parents’ home only 20minutes later than originally planned and then we were off to the neighbouring city to get supplies for my sister’s upcoming BRIDAL SHOWER!! You may recall I blogged about ‘DIY Invitations’ a while ago (Click here to see the invites!) so my mum and I decided to keep with the colour scheme and look for burgundy and cream table clothes, plates, cutlery, etc. We hit up a great party supply store and found EXACTLY what we were looking for:

After gathering all of the goodies for the shower (which is now less than a month away!!), Mum need to do a spot of shopping for clothing to wear to both the engagement party and the bridal shower. Luckily Reitman’s was having a sale and she got some pretty sweet outfits – all mix n match so 3 shirts/2 capris works out to many different outfits!

There was also a jaunt into Walmart where she picked up gifts for the engagement party and I picked up some make-up goodies and a 16 x 20″ Frame (matted for an 8×10″ photo).

The following day, the hubby printed out one of the engagement photos on our Canon photo-printer and we brought it as a gift that doubled as a guest book > everyone was free to sign the mat and then the happy couple could hang it up in the house after.

We grabbed Starbuck’s bevvies after that (venti iced caramel macchiato -skinny- for me and a venti dark roast for mum), plus coffee and treats to surprise Grammie with. Little stop into shopper’s drug mart after that (I grabbed some baby wipes to use after i’m done at the gym – sweaty mess that I often am!).

We spent the rest of our time visiting with my Grammie >> I hadn’t seen her in quite some time and I was SO pleased to get to talk with her and give her plenty of hugs. I really should make a better effort to drive out to spend time with her! Hopefully I will have a free weekend in August and I can go spend a weekend with her.

When we got back to the parents’ abode, Dad had made us pasta dinner (with bits of sausage in the sauce!!! best ever), so I chowed down and rested a while before making the long drive back home.

I am slowly but surely working away on the big paper flowers to use as decorations for the shower, and trying to prep for the Bachelorette party at the same time. Throw in plans to have friends over & to drive out to spend time with other friends and its shaping up to be another busy week over here on The Mellow Beat.

…and thats not even including gym time and house tidies!

Keep checking back for more happy adventures!

  • Night sky photography
  • DIY paper flower crafts
  • Make-it-yourself Photo Booth !



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