iMovie Video Update

Hey darlings!

Do you remember just a few days ago (yep, 4 days ago) I wrote a post about using iMovie?

I had taken some video clips while shooting my sister’s engagement photos (along with “the hubby” << I think thats just what i’ll refer to him here as for now). Initially I really didn’t have any plans for the clips because I had never edited video before, but I thought “I’ve got time (lies – I have little time), why not try to throw together a little video for them as a surprise?” 

And thus began the trials and tribulations of Sara + iMovie + late night. Bad idea. I uploaded a bunch of video clip files and was like ‘I got this.. I GOT this!’ (lies! I so did not have it ). Insert a few tutorials on youtube and my night was over, but I felt much better about editing.

Wednesday last, after dinner and a spot of resting, I trudged back to the office to begin again. It went MUCH more smoothly the second time! A lot of the tutorials I watched suggested using the “blank theme” option, but I opted for the theme that looked like a photo album. It worked out BEAUTIFULLY (I’m so modest!). I added in some music (you’ll hear it when you watch the video below).

Immediately after finishing the video, I emailed it to my mum and called her right away. I intended it to be a surprise for my sister and her fiancé, but I was too excited to keep it to myself for 3 more days (I’m like that). Mum figured out how to open it (too big as an attachment, so google sent it as a link to a google drive). She was SO happy to see it! So much so that she told me the next day (when I went home to do bridal shower errands with her) that she watched it about 5 bagillion times (I know thats not a legit number) and also sent it to my Grandpa & his lady (Jo) and then they watched it a bunch and emailed her back to say how awesome it was! Are you excited? Quite the build up, eh? (<<can you tell i’m from Canada haha)

Obviously the music/song is (c)opywrite, but I figure since i’m not making any money off of the video, and i’m just using it to round out the surprise gift, its probably okay that I used more than 30s of the song.

I heard that if you are using 30s or less of a song, you don’t have to worry about copywrite laws or something. Whether or not this is true, I dunno… but see my reasoning above and you’ll get why I wasn’t too concerned.

I added in some of the images we took during the photoshoot to help transition between video clips and lengthen the video as well. I will embed the video below and add some of the photos from the shoot in a collage below that. Hope you all enjoy!! I am REALLY quite proud of the final product.

 The song choice was a bit obvious, but they’re two very fun loving peeps so I thought it was very appropriate. Scroll down for some snapshots from their engagement shoot!

Hope you enjoy! As always, stay tuned for more photography adventures and fun creative goodies.



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