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Just a quick little (i’m not sure i’ll ever legit write a ‘little post’ hahah) update today – I’m pretty sure my sister doesn’t yet know I even have a blog.. which for today’s post is actually quite awesome.

I managed to take a few short video clips while we were shooting the engagement photos and i’m currently muddling my way through “iMovie” to try to put together a little “Happy Engagement” film for the lovebirds. I watched a few youtube videos to get the scoop on how to edit clips in the handy program my desktop came with … i’ve never attempted to edit video before!

I managed to use iMovie to make that time lapse video for my meal prep (if you’ve not seen it, check out Adventures in Meal Prep ). This was done using a series (a very LONG series) of photos done at equal intervals throughout my meal-prepping business. So it was simply a drag-n-drop situation and fiddle with some settings.

With the video (audio included), I had to import all of the individual files, select sections or  ‘clips’ to use, and add in some transitions to make them all mush together nicely. iMovie gives you a few different “theme” options – most of the tutorial videos I watched on youtube (i’ll set up a good one below, otherwise Click here!) used the blank theme, but I wanted it to be a little more fun and movie-like (cause I ain’t got those skills yet). So far i’ve managed to add in the clips, detach the audio (it was windy AF and that just doesn’t make for a pretty-sounding video), and create a few little titles and such. I’m trying out some different lovey-dovey songs (currently ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars… but I might search for something a bit more mellow).

I think i’m almost done – which is ridiculously exciting. The engagement party is only a few days away (3 if you count Saturday). Obviously the big sis has NO idea i’m doing this, so I’m pumped to see her reaction when she opens the files on her computer and sees this video. Im also hoping to continue to develop these skills because we’re off to a wedding on the 23rd of July (and i’d LOVE to create some magic there!). I will definitely be posting the video next week I will write up a post tonight (likely) and schedule it to be released at 2pm on Saturday because that’s when the party starts and i’m sure she won’t be waiting with baited breath … because she has no idea it exists.

PS: Big sis, if you’re reading this.. please act surprised when you see it haha.

There is a second video on iMovie tips/tricks that this lovely girl posted on her channel – I recommend watching both if you’re interested in any kind of video editing (and if you have iMovie).

I think that i will probably include a few photos as “snapshots” within the video as well. Just to help it run a little bit smoother so its not just a bunch of seemingly random video clips. There are some other fun things I might try (most of which I learned from watching the above video) .. so you’ll have to way til Saturday to see what I came up with!

Til then, back to video editing!



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