Back in the Saddle?

Hey Internet-Fam,

Two days ago (on Monday) I mentioned that I was going to be doing my first run in about 6 weeks. The last time I ran was the Tuesday before I went in for pacemaker surgery. I had all of these plans and ideas about how I would stay active during my recovery because my doctors had said anything “legs” was a GO! But to (obviously) stay away from using my left arm for a good while. Then with all of those complications, my plans took a detour to relaxing on the couch or on my lounge chair in the backyard.

At first it was really hard to not be able to run/jog or weight train – but I really just didn’t have it in me. Many crafts were done during this time (more on that in future posts!).

Yesterday, the hubby and I went to our friend’s place for our Tuesday night gather. Our friend had taken some time off from running as well, so we decided to do a simple “run 2 – walk 1” interval set. There were a few times where I felt good – I could’ve kept going past the two minutes of run time, but we kept to our plan to take it easy as it was my first night back. By the time we got back to her house, we had logged just shy of 4km and it took us about a half an hour or so. Not too shabby!

I am already excited for next Tuesday when I think I’ll suggest a 3:1 interval split. Just until we’re all back to our usual non-stop 5km or more jogs. Fingers crossed!

Keep smiling


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3 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle?”

    1. Thanks so much RunnergurlRN! I am very excited to be able to workout again. I took a peak over on your blog and very much enjoyed your post about running in the heat. Its handy working in healthcare – knowing a lot of the signs to look out for during this toasty weather.


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