Monday is a good day

Happy Monday Friends! (Yes, Monday’s can be happy!)
This week is a very exciting week for me for a few reasons: 
– We’re officially past “5 weeks since surgery” which means I get to attempt (emphasis on attempt) a run tomorrow. As life was before surgery, it shall be again after surgery and recovery. Tuesday is my running day! I’m not the biggest fan of running/jogging, preferring to spend my fitness time in the weight room, but I accept that it has its place.
Running is made infinitely more enjoyable when shared with friends and/or family. My sister is basically a gazelle in a human body – that girl runs like its the most awesome activity in the world. She has run half-marathons and shorter (5km) races and is currently back on the “trail” (road) logging some serious kilometres as her wedding day ticks closer and closer. She lives over an hour away from me, so we don’t often run together (that and I’m much slower in comparison, which makes it hard for either one of us depending on our pace).
My sister and I looking absolutely fabulous post Father’s Day dinner (i’m the one with the pink/green hair and goofy face)
Tomorrow I will be running with my hubby and his co-worker. She and I are of similar heights (and leg-length!!!) which means it is a lot easier to keep pace with each other. I am anticipating it will be a slow return to form because I’ve been off for 5 weeks, but that’s okay – I’m not running any races for a while, so its more just to know I can still handle it.
This is a great start to the week because I’m getting back into my regular “after work routine.” Even though I’m still a bit limited in what I can do at the gym, I am getting myself there after work at least 3 days a week. Eventually I will be back in the groove of gymming and then when I CAN lift upper body, i’ll be ready to slowly add in some weights (one more week to go!!!).
My week in fitness usually looks a bit like this:
  • Monday: legs (usually squats, walking lunges, etc)
  • Tuesday: run (hoping to get 3km this week and slowly build back up)
  • Wednesday: REST DAY!
  • Thursday: evening yoga for an hour (which often gives me a good leg workout)… other wise I like to do deadlifts/good mornings, etc on Thursday. All posterior chain!
  • Friday: Upper body (bi’s, tri’s, delts).
Depending on my mood, i’ll throw in a “Back Day” here -n- there (seated rows, bent over rows, lat pull downs, pull ups, etc etc).
There are some other amazing things to look forward to this week:
Friday is CANADA DAY!!!!
(like how I just skip the whole week and go straight to Friday?)
The long weekend will hopefully be a mix of relaxation and rest with a sprinkle of productivity. Friday we will wish our friend a happy birthday // Saturday may have an attempt at “let’s do stuff!” but will probably end with not much going on // Sunday the hubby sings at church in the morning and we’re celebrating another friend’s birthday in the afternoon.
Of course the days between Monday and Friday are each just a special as the ones flanking the weekend! Tuesdays (as previously mentioned) are running and dinner/hangouts with our friend; Wednesday is… um…hump day (thats all I got right now); Thursday for me is usually ‘free lunch’ day at work because we watch presentations over our lunch hour… but i’m off this week so it will be my “yoga and house-love” day. See – each day has something wondrous and magical about it (i’m probably not yet convincing you, stick around … we’ll get there!).
That’s it for today – lots of things happening around here. Keep them eyes peeled for some upcoming photos. We had the pleasure of photographing my sister and her fiancé for their engagement pictures yesterday and we have a LOT of editing to do!! I am SO excited to get to share some of the pictures on here (provided I have her permission of course).

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