Garden Meals

This week I booked Monday off to celebrate my Husband’s birthday, and I happen to be off next Friday as well. A 3-Day work week means a seriously easy meal prep adventure. I didn’t make a video this time (oh darn), but I can tell you that my lunches for the week are simple, yet effective.

We have a lovely 5’ x 5’raised garden bed in our backyard that we made ourselves. It is really handy to have veggies at our fingertips. The first year we totally jam-packed the garden: Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. It was quite crowded, but managed to do alright. This year we took a more simplistic route: because of my extended hospital stay, we were unable to start most of our veggies from seed (minus last years kale seeds, which the hubby saved and magically they’ve sprouted in our mini indoor greenhouse). A trip to the garden centre meant we could plant lettuce (regular and red leaf), carrots, peppers, a tomato plant (just 1 because they make a LOT of tomatoes), and oh! Yes! We planted a cat-nip plant (Mister and Mona are quite pleased).

The lettuces have grown very well so far – we have 8 in total (4 red and 4 regular). The lettuce made up the bulk of our very light dinner last night: we still had leftover lettuce leaves (and the plants don’t even look like we harvested anything). I used up the remaining dinner salad with some extra leaves to throw together three salads topped with chopped almonds, feta cheese, and Kalamata olives. The rest of my lunch is plain greek yogurt mixed with a dribble of stevia (the plain yogurt is just too tangy for me, but the vanilla is too sugary … plain mixed with stevia is just right); some PC BlueMenu chocolate protein granola, and one triangle of jalapeno laughing cow cheese with two rice cakes.

Also of note: The lady at the coffee shop at work makes the BEST chai lattes. Ermagherd.


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