Adventures in Meal Prep!

Hey friends,

Ever hear that fun quote “fail to prepare – prepare to fail” (sounds super nice, eh)?? I have heard it quite a few times, especially since really getting into fitness. Sometimes I feel like it goes nicely with “abs are made in the kitchen.” Which, between you and me, is probably why I’ll never have defined/visible abdominal muscles.

I’m not gonna lie – there was a time when this bugged me a whole bunch. I’ve never been the most athletic, or the most fit person in my family or in my group of friends. I always loved sports and was very much a team player from a young age, but it was never my passion to be the best on the field (whatever field it might be).

I started figure skating at the age of 3 (Can-Skate/Learn to Skate) and started competing at the age of 5 along with my older sister (who is ridiculously athletic). After a coaching change around the age of 7, we went from barely placing in the top 6 to getting gold medals and trophies. It was a very enjoyable time – I LOVED competing (mostly for the awesome skating costumes and the chance to present my program), but the actual practice part wasn’t always for me. It was like a full time job – almost every evening after school we were at the rink. I would never change it – it was such a good time. However, after some good chats with my parents, I decided to stop skating competitively on my 11th birthday.I couldn’t keep up with my age category anymore and that was that. Other than fun skate times and teaching the littles how to skate, my career on blades was over.

There was a 2 year adventure into karate with my younger brother, school teams (gymnastics, track and field, cross country), & a learn to row program that blossomed into a great (short) career into competitive rowing in early high school. I joined the cross-country team every year in high school (only making it to the first round of competition, but it was a good way to stay active), and after rowing I joined track-and-field (emphasis on field!).

Fast forward to 5 years ago when I finished my post-graduate studies and realized I really had no excuses for how out of shape I was. My hometown had just built a YMCA and I decided it was a good time to get back into fitness. I started very slowly – walking on the treadmill and enough cardio to get my stamina to a less embarrassing state. Once the endurance was back on track, I began weightlifting… now lemme tell you, that’s where I’m a viking. I ADORE weightlifting. Technically speaking I’m not really supposed to lift weights (thanks to the ol’ ticker), but I learned new techniques to make my limitations work for me. I have built up to moving some serious iron around in the weight room, & there will always be ways to make the weights I use seem heavier without actually lifting more than i’m allowed to.

And now to the meaning behind today’s title – Meal Prep! Recently my husband played around with the time-lapse feature on his DSLR and it made some really neat “movies” when all was said and done. My DSLR is capable of video and such, and it has an interval timer built in. It doesn’t have “time-lapse mode” (where it actually puts the video together for you), so I used the interval timer to take photos every 30sec while I worked away in the kitchen. I totally thought it was gonna make the movie for me and was quite lost when it didn’t. I watched this handy you-tube video (Time Lapse How-To) to figure it out and tadah, a time-lapse video was made. I think next time I might make an actual video and see if I can use iMovie to compress it into warp-speed. As a time-lapse from photos, the shortest each image can be is 1sec. I would love to make it even faster, but I’ll google that first.



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3 thoughts on “Adventures in Meal Prep!”

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lori! I was inspired by my hubby’s first attempts at time lapse videos while he was planting our garden.
      Hopefully the links I included will help you if you try out a time lapse!

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