Pacemaker Update

As I write this brief (ahaha) post, it is officially the 4 week point since my surgery back in May. Its late into the evening and I’m not quite ready to hit the hay – so here I am, typing out some thoughts on how the last 4 weeks has gone for my husband and I.

I remember being devastated when i got the official news that the pacemaker was finally happening after 5 years of epic avoidance manoeuvres (okay’d by the docs of course). Mum came with me that day and I remember looking at her after the EP specialist said it was time and just breaking down into tears. It was the first big cardiac issue since my initial surgery back when I was born. A few days (and some ice cream later), I had accepted that it was happening.

Flash forward to 4 weeks ago when I went in for surgery (and the disaster that came after): In pain, swollen, and not really able to breathe. Thank God for modern medicine and the magic that made me better. Today, I’m breathing beautifully, walking at a good clip, and back to work with only small modifications for another 3-4 weeks. Life’s pretty good.

My cardiac symptoms have been minimal – just a few palpitations/extra beats (meh) and probably SVT runs (n.b.d.) … otherwise absolutely zero sensation of pauses and dizziness (low BP issues not withstanding). Of course the stress of all that good stuff made my body a little angry and I’ve got some random virus that may or may not be shingles (yay!). So a short trip to the hospital last night ended with a stop at the pharmacy for calamine lotion, gauze, paper tape, antibiotics (to prevent any infection from the maybe-shingles wounds) and shingles meds. Cause, guys, I toat’s can’t catch a break right now.

BUT on a much happier note (bc i’m all about the happy happy over here), we are celebrating a few wonderful things this weekend coming up!

  1. Sunday, June 19th is Father’s Day
  2. Monday, June 20th is my hubby’s birthday
  3. Wednesday, June 22nd is my baby brother’s 24th birthday (oh gawd!)

Saturday will have Bagel (hubby…just a nickname, he’s not actually named Bagel) and I travelling to visit with my parentals before going out for dinner with my sister and her fiancé (and our brother of course). We will be celebrating all 3 of the above magical days. Sunday Bagel and I will go visit his parents/siblings to celebrate Father’s day and his birthday. Monday we are adventuring around because we both took a vacation day for the occasion.

So I just have to get through tomorrow at work before my 3-day weekend is here! Tomorrow evening after work I will wrap presents for Dad and little-bro, fill out birthday cards/father’s day cards, and probably work on the socks i’m knitting… or be lazy and look at my knitting wishing I had Molly Weasley’s mad knitting skills (i.e. magic powers).

Til then my happy friends!


ps: I just picked up “Butter Bronzer” (by Physicians Formula) … I heard it was awesome and omg it smells like the tropics! *Calgon, take me away!!!


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