In the Lunch Box – smoothie bowl DIY

If you’ve read the “sneak peak” page to get some insight into the whirlwind mind behind this blog, you know that I LOVE foodstuffs. If I’m not eating, I’m thinking about my next snack. I’m often found with some sorta snack hanging around in my pocket or purse…or gym bag… Or car. You get the picture!

Today is my day off which means more than enough time to create a yummy breakfast. On days when I work, I usually make a smoothie with protein to drink on my drive in. I’d like to say I’m super creative when it comes to shakes, and sometimes times I am, but when I’m trying to get outta the house by 6:45am, creativity goes by the wayside. My shakes always include non-dairy milk (almond, cashew, coconut) and protein powder (chocolate is my go to). Often I’ll throw in some chia seeds and some almond butter, maybe some coconut oil and always ice cubes. If I’m extra fancy, I’ll add a hunk of frozen banana to help make the smoothie extra creamy.

Today I decided to make my first smoothie bowl. I simply blended up my regular smoothie, poured it into a bowl and sprinkled some granola on top. It was pretty delicious.

I’d recommend trying out a smoothie bowl when you have extra time to add some excitement and sparkle to your breakfast. Slice up some kiwis, or bananas (if you don’t blend them in), coconut shavings add some fun too. I think next time I’ll take a more fruity approach and get my protein elsewhere. I love my chocolate shakes, but it’s always nice to make a change.

After breakfast (or more realistically, brunch) I like to make a to do list for my day. I probably won’t finish everything I set out to do, but that’s not the point. I mostly like to use it as a plan for my day, a little guide to keep me on track and being productive. On that note, off I go to tackle somethings on my list…

Stay Happy!



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